Rabbit Rescue North West was originally founded in 2014 when there was urgent need for a rabbit rescue across the North West. In 2016 the rescue achieved full charitable status, and we are registered and governed by the Charity Commission as a Registered Charity.

We are a home-based foster rescue, meaning the rescue solely functions on a team of volunteers.

All rescue spaces are based within our volunteers’ homes, and we have no paid staff, meaning every penny donated to the rescue, truly is spent on the rabbits in our care. Rabbits are the third most popular pet in Britain but are also in the top list of household pets that are extremely neglected and often misunderstood, with their care needs often not sustained.

Rabbits are a highly intelligent and sociable animal, who need company of their own kind, along with plenty space to exercise, play and simply be rabbits.

Our aim is to help rabbits in need to find loving forever homes.


All rabbits we rehome will be neutered, and fully vaccinated with the combi vac for Myxi/VHD1 and the new variant RVHD2, or the new vaccination of the Myxi plus vaccination (often referred to as the 3 in 1). If rabbits arrive in pairs or groups, we will always try to keep them together but sometimes it isn’t possible. We complete a full assessment on all rabbits that come into our care to understand their care needs, personalities and preferences.

For rabbits that arrive into us as a single rabbit, they will only be rehomed to another single rabbit. We provide a robust and successful bonding service, ensuring no stress is experienced by any rabbit. We take time to understand any potential rabbit friends whilst they come to us for their bonding holiday.

As a rescue we undertake a thorough home check process that all potential adopters must complete before anyone can adopt from us.

If you do not meet our requirements as a rescue, please do work with us and take our advice, we only want the best for rabbits. As a reputable rescue our aim is to improve the standards and care for all rabbits possible. For those who do decide to adopt from Rabbit Rescue North West, we provide a lifetime of advice and are always available after you have adopted from us. We understand that sometimes, circumstances change and this is why we pride ourselves on providing a safety net to take any rabbits back into our care if required.

The cost of adopting a bunny from us is £60.


The adoption fee helps to cover the cost of neutering, vaccinations, and nutrition. The adoption fee is minimal compared to the actual cost to us to help and rehome these rabbits.

As a charitable organisation we welcome any donations as all our money goes straight back into caring for some of the most neglected rescue rabbits.

If you would like to adopt from us, please contact us via email or Facebook, when one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.