At Rabbit Rescue North West, we have a robust rehoming procedure, to ensure any rabbits adopted from us, will have all of their health and well-being needs fulfilled.

Many people don’t realise that rabbits need a lot of space to live in, that provides, shelter and space to exercise.  Getting the housing right, is a crucial part to a rabbit’s care, and we are happy to help provide any advice. At Rabbit Rescue North West, we have a minimum housing requirement, and we will discuss this with you on enquiry. 

the golden rules

On this page you will find a few ideas that we recommend, and to help your rabbits stay active and safe, remember the golden rules.

    Ensuring the housing is 100% predator proof

      The more space
      the better!

        sheds & wendy houses

        Sheds and wendy houses are becoming a very popular choice when having rabbits as a pet, and what a great choice they are!  This style of housing can offer unlimited scope for making your rabbit accommodation interesting and stimulating, while offering you respite from our wonderful British weather to allow you to clean out and more importantly spend time with your rabbits.

        Tag on a secure run and your bunny will have the plushest of pads, as well as a safe dry space. With this set up, you can also paint the housing to suit your garden design and colour scheme! (Always check paint is pet friendly, if you are unsure, please ask us.)

        kennels & catteries

        Converted kennels or catteries are a great way of offering an all-in-one style of accommodation at a cheaper price than bespoke accommodation. However, bespoke accommodation is also welcomed, just make sure you chat with us first, to ensure it meets our requirements.  Most shed building companies will offer kennels and catteries that can easily be converted to secure interesting rabbit accommodation.

        indoor accommodation

        More and more people are now choosing to keep their rabbits indoors and integrate them as a main family pet, much the same as you would do with a dog or a cat.

        Some bunnies are lucky enough to have a spare room to themselves, free roam of the house, whilst others have areas cordoned off in the living area or even bespoke housing tailor made for them. Below are some indoor living ideas for your rabbits.