a bun

Our aim is to help rabbits in need to find loving forever homes. All rabbits will be neutered and fully vaccinated with the combi vac for Myxi/ VHD1 and the new variant RVHD2, or where able the Myxi plus vaccination (often referred to the 3 in 1).

If rabbits arrive in pairs or groups we will try to always keep them together but sometimes it isn’t possible.

As a rescue we undertake a thorough home check process that all potential adopters must complete before anyone can adopt from us. If you do not meet our requirements as a rescue, please do work with us and take our advice, we only want the best for rabbits. As a reputable rescue our aim is to improve the standards and care for all rabbits possible.

When you adopt from us we provide a free bonding service when adopting one of our rabbits. We have two different bonding options.

As a reputable rescue and a team of bonders with years of experience and wealth of knowledge, we have a brilliant success rate, and provide a stress-free bonding experience.


Each bond will vary in time, and sometimes a bond may be unsuccessful, but we will always work with owners to find the best match for your rabbit. We only do pair bonds, and we do not provide or recommend multiple number of rabbit bonds.

We are always available after you have adopted from us for advice and we truly like receiving updates when a rabbit is rehomed and hearing about them being happy in their forever homes.

The cost of adopting a single rabbit from us is £60, a pair £120.

This price helps to cover the cost of neutering, vaccinations, nutrition and any veterinary care when the rabbit first comes into our care.

We welcome any donations and all money goes straight back into caring for the rescue rabbits.