a rabbit

Sometimes, when rabbits arrive into our care, it becomes clear they have health issues. At Rabbit Rescue North West, we have a number of resident rabbits, that still with us for life. Below you will see several rabbits and why they will remain in our care.

You can help us, by sponsoring a rabbit for a year. In return you will receive a certificate, a branded keyring and photo of the rabbit you have sponsored. To sponsor a rabbit for a year we ask for £30. You can even choose which rabbit you would like to sponsor.

Every penny donated through sponsorship will be spent on food, vet treatment when required and treats.


Wellies (left) came into rescue in March 2020 with we presume his siblings, found straying on a dog walking field, none were in a great shape and operation TLC sprang into action. He recovered well from his neuter, considering his breathing is like a brachy pug (common in flat faced rabbits) and was fully vaccinated.

He came to live with Flossy in April 2020 after she lost her best friend, she was sad, over grooming and just thoroughly miserable. Wellies hormones were at full peak and he drove her & the family to despair, his longest nap was 18 seconds! Like a toddler he was given playout time to tire him out.

He still has his breathing issues, gets infections & snores louder than his daddy. His wife doesn’t care, they love the bones of each other & are never far apart from one another.


Phoenix (left) came into the rescue with ulcers on her eyes. It required a lot of repetitive treatment, and she now has slight scarring on her eyes. Though this doesn’t bother her, she came a resident so we could keep watch of her and provide any treatment she will require in the future.

Phoenix is happily bonded with her husbun Twix isn’t who is an older boy who lost his wife bun and so the decision was made to bond them together.

The Trio

Delta was one of our fosterers first rabbit who unfortunately ended up going to a home which resulted in her losing a leg. She came back to the rescue, unfortunately at the same time her two sons did.

Due to housing requirements for a tripod bunny, it was decided she become a resident with her sons to live out her days safely, and to keep the little family together. Delta manages fine, but in the future may develop health conditions due to her missing a leg. She will receive everything she needs along with her sons, Oscar and Charlie.


Wookie was originally adopted out with his wife bun Prinny. Sadly, Wookie and Prinny’s owner passed away unexpectedly.  We stepped in and took them back into our care. However, on arriving back to rescue, it was discovered Wookie has dental disease and will require ongoing dental procedures, and a very strict hay-based diet.

Wookie lives with one of our fosterers who fell in love straight away and enjoys lots of time in the garden sunning himself and digging in his hay tray, whilst Prinny enjoys a good run around!


Jelly came into rescue via one of our vets after her old owner couldn’t afford her vet bills after a badly broken leg requiring amputation was diagnosed while she was still a young bunny, so she signed her over to the vets.

A resident ever since, Jelly is a typical Netherland Dwarf, full of fire and character, she has an addiction to strawberry hearts and trust me, she can count to six. Woe betides me if she doesn’t get her full allocation when she has her morning treat.

At almost five and all her life as a tripod, she likes to take things very easy, she loves her timothy hay, ikea beds (she has two) and of course, her husbun Strawberry who loves snuggling her just as much as she loves snuggling him.


Henry came to our rescue via another rescue we work closely with. He was taken from a hoarding situation, when he was seen in a small hutch with badly overgrown and maloccluded incisors which he since has had removed. Henry suffers with seizures, and is a regular dental bun which we keep at bay with yummy timothy hay and fiber first sticks.

Henry lives with his bunwife Alice who failed to find a home due to the fact she is really quite fearful and unfriendly with humans, her pet name is Feral Alice, and while she might not like me and I regularly get bitten, she adores Henry so that’s all that matters.