“Over the years we’ve had rabbits from a few rescue centres, and whilst they’re all good in their own way, Rabbit Rescue North West is the best by far. The bunnies are clearly well looked after as soon as they come into their care – with health being a priority, and then lots of enrichment. The team take time and effort to ensure the bunnies get the right home for them and advise on houses, set ups etc. And once moved into their new forever home, the bunnies and their new families get ongoing support – including help with bonding. Our current two took 10 months to bond (yes, must be a record!!) and we had the support of RRNW throughout. Great service, great team, true bunny lovers.”


    “When Benny met Bonnie (was Freya), it wasn’t a straightforward bond, they did need some time and a few dates before falling totally in love.

    Jess and Jen were fantastic from applying, the whole bonding process, ongoing advice and support.

    Cannot thank you all enough! My Benny has found his happy ever after and Bonnie has a home forever filled with love, cuddles and treats.”

      Kelly & Rick

      “Our beautiful boy Zeus, (ginger lop) met the love of his life through the RRNW. After loosing her previous husbun who we also adopted from the rescue, the love, time and care spent with Persey, to bond her with Zeus was remarkable. They did the bonding process and part included in the adoption fee, and both came home for their happy ever after. There’s nothing the rescue doesn’t know, they’re duty of care toward the bunnies is amazing, they’re professional, friendly and always happy to help. Even after the adoption, you become part of the rescue family and are always there to help you and your buns. We would be lost without them and can’t thank them enough for the amazing work they do, rescuing these bunnies and finding their forever homes.”


      “I came across the Rabbit Rescue NW after we had already gotten our first baby Teddy from a breeder. Unfortunately we didn’t realise the volume of Rabbits that’s are surrendered to rescues and how much of a problem it is and instantly I knew that when the time came and Teddy was ready that we would adopt a bun in need. The process was so simple, Teddy is like our baby so packing him off to a stranger for bonding was quite daunting but Jennifer couldn’t have been more friendly, helpful and reassuring. Whilst Teddy was bonding with Poppy we received daily updates of their ‘bunny moon’ seeing the change in Ted and how happy he was to have a wifebun was so exciting and also meant we had a new baby to introduce into the family. After only a few days we brought Ted and new wife Poppy home to continue the bonding process in their own environment. Jennifer was always on hand to offer advice and encouragement and she made the process so easy for us. Adopting Poppy was the best thing we could have done for Ted, the bond they share has us in stitches most days and you can see how happy they are to be together. Jennifer has been on hand even after a year in with advice and I am so thankful to her and all at Rabbit Rescue NW for all they do.”